TELC Tips: Storing Off-Season Items


Hello, Spring!

expert tips for properly caring for and Storing Off-Season Items.


From sweaters stored in the oven, to heavy blankets in suitcases, New Yorkers can certainly get creative when it comes to putting away their off-season items. Warm weather is here, and the spring cleaning clock is ticking; why not embrace your inner-Marie Kondo and freshen your closet for spring, with a little help from us . . . 

Here are five tips for storing and properly caring for your off-season garments and bedding; if this seems like too much a hassle, just give us a call, and we’ll free up your top shelf by correctly cleaning and storing your items until cold weather rolls in and you’re ready to see them again. 

1. Edit

Before storing your cold weather wardrobe, take the opportunity to get rid of what you don’t need. If you didn’t wear it this past winter, you’ll likely not need it next! 

2. Clean & Prep

Make sure all of your items are properly and freshly cleaned; sweaters and those items requiring so, dry cleaned, and blankets appropriately laundered, making sure everything is completely dry. Empty pockets, fasten zippers, and button up your garments to help them retain shape during storage.  

3. Plan Your System

  • Compression bags work well for packing away bulky items like duvets, but it is important to remember that this method isn’t ideal for all textiles, as natural fibers like wool need to breathe. 

  • When choosing your storage containers, be mindful of where they will be kept and how sturdy they need be; opaque containers are best, as they prevent light from fading colors inside, avoid cardboard boxes, which can attract pests and don’t hold up well. 

  • Putting a layer of (acid-free) tissue paper between articles might seem like overkill, but it not only helps maintain colors and separate pieces, but makes the opening up experience that much nicer! 

  • Never use chemical pest repellents or mothballs, which are extremely toxic; consider natural alternatives like lavender sachets or cedar blocks to both repel insects and keep your items fresh. 

  • Plastic dry cleaning or garment bags are not suitable for long-term storage; instead, use natural materials for items that require hanging or special attention.

4. Inventory

Keep track of what you’re putting away as you go, and mark storage containers or inventory sheets in detail, that way you won’t have to rummage past your knit hat collection to get to that perfect sweater you need on the first cool night. 

5. Consider Professional Storage

From blankets to suits, we offer hassle-free seasonal storage for your off-season items; this includes a proper cleaning and expert, item-appropriate storage, using acid-free paper, linen and cotton garment bags, and natural cedar or lavender fabric fresheners. Once you’re ready to bring your wardrobe back into action, it's as easy as giving us a call. 

Contact your closest store for details or to arrange a pick up! 

Stay fresh, 

The Eco Laundry Company

Phillipe Christodoulou