Take your laundry
to a new place.

Look forward to visiting your dry cleaner? didn’t think so.
That 🦖 that eats quarters in the basement? no way to treat your favorite jeans.

The Eco Laundry Company is here to change the way you take care of your clothes
(and your home, and your family, and the planet).

Pioneers of Eco-Friendly Laundry
— Bloomberg Businessweek

The Eco Laundry Company Difference 

Better Laundry

Less water, less electricity, hypoallergenic,
plant-based detergents.

No toxic dry cleaning solvents.


Our mission extends to every aspect of our business. From thoughtfully designed, clean-energy-powered stores, to our commitment to giving back.


You can trust that your laundry is always truly clean, and truly green.

The best part? we don’t ask you to pay more.


We can do better together.


You take the recycling out. The produce you buy is organic. That fancy shampoo? sulfate-free.

Why is your laundry toxic?

Not in our hands.


The laundry brand people are talking about . . .