At The Eco Laundry Company, we handle your clothes and home items with the utmost care. Don’t worry about sorting your colors, that’s our job! Just let us know if any of your items require special care or attention, separate your dry cleaning, and we’re good to go . . .

Wash & Fold ($1.50 per lb, 10 lb min.) – Our Wash & Fold services use less water, less electricity, and plant-based, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free detergents.

For those who prefer a lightly scented wash, we have partnered with The Laundress to offer their Signature (eco-friendly and allergen-free) detergent and fabric conditioner, scented in Classic, the ultimate “clean laundry smell.”

Dry Cleaning  Our technologically advanced dry cleaning and garment care process forgoes dangerous chemical solvents; it is hypoallergenic, healthier for our skin, and safer for the environment.

Read more about the toxicity of standard dry cleaning and wash-and-fold in our journal . . .


Dry Cleaning Prices

Blouse, $10.50
Pants, $9.50
Dress, $17.50
Skirt, $9.50
Sweater, $10
Blazer, $11
Suit, $20.00

Please contact our stores for any other price inquiries.

Store Policy

Additional Services:

Laundered Shirt, $3

Steam & Ironing


Wash and Press – The classic laundered shirt.

Speedy – We’ve got your back for that last-minute meeting!

Bedding – Fresh and toxic-free for the whole family.

Storage – Make room at home by storing your seasonal goods with us.